Ashley Huber

Office and Billing Manager

Ashley Huber

Ashley's Bio

I am the Office and Billing Manager for Health for Life Grand Rapids, The Trauma Informed Counseling Center of Grand Rapids, and the office manager for Integrative Wellness of Grand Rapids.

My roles are ever-evolving, and every day looks a little different! I oversee the office operations, support clinician and staff needs, and I answer questions, and inquiries that can cover everything from insurance to billing concerns. I strive to support and uplift my coworkers while ensuring our clients have an extraordinary, modern clinical experience.

My experience working at The Trauma-Informed Counseling Center and Health for Life Grand Rapids continues to teach me the importance of education. I am passionate about spreading the word of health education and trauma-informed care and making sure that our clients are getting the answers they so desperately desire and deserve.

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