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Hi, I’m Dr. Zhiling Trowbridge, MD, a family medicine physician.  My 10+ year experience as a general medical practitioner has given me a comfort in working with all age groups including: children, adults, elderly, and pregnant women presenting with a wide range of medical issues.

I’m a 2nd generation Chinese Cambodian by background and was born in the U.S. growing up in Alma, Michigan.  I went to Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania to pursue a B.A. in Chinese Language and then to medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit.   I was drawn to medicine and integrative medicine early on in my education.

I’ve worked in many different communities of cultures, languages, and socioeconomic statuses.  Very few patients walk out of a medical textbook with exactly what’s wrong written on their foreheads.  Instead, especially with chronic conditions it takes getting to know a patient and their background to properly tailor an effective treatment.  I believe in a holistic approach to health and value the mind, body, and spirit connection in healing and knowing the body.  I’m fascinated by the many ways the body seeks to heal itself through the support of energy medicine, nutrition, meditation, and herbal therapies.

The value of well-researched, safe, and effective approaches to healing is my first priority.   I believe in and have seen the positive benefits of patients experiencing the best of both worlds with traditional medical care and complementary and alternative medicine approaches to support their healing journey.  In regards to alternative healing approaches with less research, I always follow the rule of thumb of supporting therapies that demonstrate low risk with quantifiable benefits as seen in the unique individual.


In addition to medical physician training, I’m also a medical acupuncturist.  I really enjoy working with qi and learning about energy medicine.  I started my acupuncture training near the end of my medical residency and later apprenticed with a my acupuncturist teacher David Euler, L.Ac at his clinic in Newton, MA.   I practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong in my spare time.  I’m fascinated by using Qi to heal the body to support a multitude of physical ailments including: autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, hormonal disorders, and mental health issues.

I also really love to eat and talk about food!  I’m trained in plant-based nutrition and a certified Nutritarian Health Coach.  I believe that nutritional excellence can make a huge difference in a person’s physical and mental health.  Learning to find the right foods and knowing how to prepare them, along with sharing heartfelt meals with those you care for can make big steps in health and healing for many issues including:  heart disease, diabetes, cancer prevention, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, anxiety and depression.

Certifications and Training:

  • Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College
  • Graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine
  • Family Medicine Residency at Boston Medical Center
  • Integrative Medicine Fellowship Trained at Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
  • Previous preceptor Harvard Medical School, Harvard Structural Acupuncture Course for Physicians
  • Certified in Acupuncture by Harvard Structural Acupuncture Course and Helms Medical Institute
  • Certified by Cornell University and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in Plant Based Nutrition
  • Certified by Dr. Joel Fuhrman as a Nutritarian Health Coach
  • Heart Math Institute Certified

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